November 6th, 2021

Prejudge starts at 0930am 

Night show starts at 630pm

Men’s Sessions

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters’ 60+
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters’ 50+
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters’ 40+
Men’s True Novice Bodybuilding
Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Overall
Men’s Physique True Novice
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 50+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 45+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 35+
Men’s Physique Teen
Men’s Physique Novice
Novice Men’s Physique Overall
Men’s Physique Open Classes (A-F)
Men’s Physique Overall
True Novice Classic Physique

Classic Physique Masters 50+
Classic Physique Masters 45+

Classic Physique Masters 35+
Teen Classic Physique
Classic Physique Novice (A-C)
Classic Physique Open
Classic Physique Overall

Women’s Sessions

True Novice Bikini 
Bikini Masters’ 45+
Bikini Masters’ 35+
Teen Bikini
Bikini Novice Open 
Novice Bikini Overall (finals only)
Bikini Open (all open classes)
Bikini Overall (finals only)
True Novice Figure
Figure Masters’ Over 45+
Figure Masters’ Over 35+

True Novice Figure
Novice Figure
Figure Open
Figure Overall
Wellness Masters’ 35+

Wellness True Novice
Wellness Novice
Wellness Open
Wellness Overall (finals only)

True Novice Women's Physique
Women’s Physique 
Women’s Physique Open
Women’s Physique Overall (finals only)

November 5th, 2021

Please park in the rear parking lot of the Alexis Resort Hotel 375 E. Harmon Las Vegas, Nevada 89169.

Walk to the Zeus Ballroom inside the venue and follow the signs.  

  • Men's Registrations starts at 2pm-4pm
  • Please bring posing trunks for Men's Classic and bodybuilders to weigh-in (no exceptions)
  • Make sure your music was uploaded through MusicWare, it is upon you to upload it before the day of the show for your routine!
  • Bring money and have your NPC Card available.  If you don't have one we will have one for purchase or go to npcregistration.com

  • Women's Registration starts at 4pm-6pm.
  • Don't try to register during men's time to register
  • Please have your NPC Card or buy it online or bring cash to purchase
  • LATE Registrations will be at 6pm if you missed your time slot.  
  • PLEASE Check with Jae Martini with tanning so you don't miss your class on Saturday. Very important!

Make sure you listen to important announcements during registration and please pickup an order of classes for Saturday November 6th, 2021.

All VIP tickets will be sold and Backstage passes for trainers.  They are $100 for backstage passes and you must have an ACTIVE NPC card. NO exceptions!!!

Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic 

Bodybuilding and fitness