NPC Natural Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic

November 10, 2023

Order of Classes

START TIME 10:00am – PREJUDGING – All Divisions will compete in judging rounds beginning with Men’s classes first, then Women. 

Men’s Bodybuilding – Masters (70, 60, 50, 40), Junior, Wheelchair, Novice & Open
Classic Men’s Physique – Masters (60, 50, 40, 35), Junior, True Novice, Novice & Open
Men’s Physique – Masters (60, 50, 40, 35), Junior, True Novice, Novice & Open

Fitness – Open
Women’s Bodybuilding – Open
Women’s Physique – Masters (45, 35), Novice & Open
Figure – Masters (60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35), True Novice, Novice & Open
Wellness – Masters (45, 35), True Novice, Novice & Open
Bikini – Masters (60, 55, 50, 45, 40, 35), True Novice, Novice & Open

All Divisions will perform individual routines while being introduced by the emcee.  The top 5 placings in each class will be awarded.  Order will be the same as for Prejudging. 


November 10-11th

Order of Classes listed below


Purple Spot

Alexis Resort located on 375 E. Harmon Blvd

If the Lot is too busy, please park next to the venue below

Yellow Spot

Americana Hotel located on  335 E. Harmon Blvd


Green Spot

Virgin Casino located on 4455 S. Paradise Road

NPC Steve Karr Las Vegas Classic 

November 11, 2023

​Order of Classes

November 11th, 2023

Prejudge starts at 1000am 

Night show starts at 0400pm

Men’s Sessions

Men’s Bodybuilding Masters’ 60+
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters’ 50+
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters’ 40+
Men’s True Novice Bodybuilding

Mens Novice Bodybuilding (ABC)
Men’s Open Bodybuilding
Men’s Open Bodybuilding Overall
Men’s Physique True Novice
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 50+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 45+
Men’s Physique Masters‘ 35+
Men’s Physique Teen
Men’s Physique Novice
Novice Men’s Physique Overall
Men’s Physique Open Classes (A-F)
Men’s Physique Overall
True Novice Classic Physique

Classic Physique Masters 50+
Classic Physique Masters 45+
Classic Physique Masters 35+
Teen Classic Physique
Classic Physique Novice (A-C)
Classic Physique Open
Classic Physique Overall

Women’s Sessions

True Novice Bikini 
Bikini Masters’ 45+
Bikini Masters’ 35+
Teen Bikini
Bikini Novice Open 
Novice Bikini Overall (finals only)
Bikini Open (all open classes)
Bikini Overall (finals only)
True Novice Figure
Figure Masters’ Over 45+
Figure Masters’ Over 35+

True Novice Figure
Novice Figure
Figure Open
Figure Overall
Wellness Masters’ 35+

Wellness True Novice
Wellness Novice
Wellness Open
Wellness Overall (finals only)

True Novice Women's Physique
Women’s Physique 
Women’s Physique Open
Women’s Physique Overall (finals only)